hannah parvi (Editor-in-Chief)

Hannah calls the shots. Hailing from the mountainous tundras of Colorado, our fearless leader is characterized by her precisely-detailed Moleskin, and her ability to blow through paperwork like a Kansas gale. Studying visual communication, Katelyn brings a unique combination of upbeat design sensibilities and twitchy dance moves to the Cascade repertoire.


Mikaela Mulhall (Photographer)

Mikaela is the chillest of polar bears. She spent the summer on the beach surfing and snapping, and we suspect that her purpose is to proliferate the world's beanie population, which would explain her affinity for multitudes of beanies. She is best known for her laugh, which could be picked out of a crowd in an instant, and she is best described by this emoji 👍.


Jake Fortier (Photographer)

We found Jake foraging in the woods of Montana with his trusty steed, a buffalo named Mark. He is incapable of raising his voice, and may in fact be the modern-day, twenty-year-old Mother Theresa. He is a connoisseur of flannels and sandals, and his spirit animal is probably a koala bear. You will often find Jake snuggled up in his skinny jeans, shoeless, sipping a cup of hot cocoa to a Netflix serenade.


Levi Pack (Marketing Manager)

Levi moonlights as a carnival games salesman. He longs for the days of traveling with the carnival and seeks to bring the same vibrancy to the sales of his current wares: yearbooks. He enjoys songs with the longest of drops, keeping you guessing until the very end. This gangly gent can often be seen maintaining his double life as the keeper of the keys and grounds at SPU.


Karen Yae (DESIGNER)

Karen is the incarnation of a pink mushroom. She spends her days as an old lady would, surrounded by the scents of your Grandma's house. She can often be found wearing croc sandals and socks in the rain. Karen knows everything there is to know about mushrooms and pastel color palettes, and seeks to emulate them as much as she can in her everyday life. She enjoys melancholy slow jams and salads. Her spirit animal is a small bunny.


Kiley Jack (DESIGNER)

Kiley may someday be seen lounging on a fur rug in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by her four children, bobbing her head to the sounds of today's top EDM. Her spirit animal is definitely a goat, sassy and free. You can often find her stoking the fires of feminism and ranch mom culture.


Jonathan Sigrist (Copy Editor)

Jonathan is the Samwise Gamgee to the rest of the Cascade team's Frodo. He probably knows more about the feminine psyche than most females would. Jonathan has the voice of an angel and the spirit of Christmas. He is a plot-twist within a plot-twist, constantly surprising in the best of ways.


Lizzie Saylor (Business Manager)

Lizzie is the best kept secret of the Business school. She specializes in sarcastic side comments made precisely when you least expect it but most deserve it. Squirrels are her love language; she will pursue them to the far reaches just to make contact with them and capture their essence.