Our team

Hello, nice to meet you. Here's a little bit about our staff.


Hannah parvi

Hannah’s life philosophy is “Do it with a passion or not at all,” right next to “No carb left behind.” She loves crisp sunny days and traveling the world, and she’s always down to try new things. She mostly lives off Mexican cuisine, but she loves any food that makes her do a happy dance because it fuels her up to lead worship with her band and take every day by storm.


deanna hines

Deanna is the most likely person in a group to take trivia night seriously. She specializes in The Office quotes, world maps, and current events that ruffle her feathers. Cats are her love language, and she will pursue them until she gets them all in her arms–or at least her Snapchat story. 



jessica clark

Since the New Girl theme song is her jam, you can find Jess by yelling “Who’s that girl?” in any public place to get her attention. Her typical morning involves making a cup of coffee using a paper towel as a coffee filter–creative, but ineffective–and a stroll around the block with her twelve golden retriever puppies. Her proudest accomplishment is holding the current first place title in California’s annual Terrible Joke Competition.


grace larsen

Grace dreams of living in a cozy cabin in the woods as a modern-day Thoreau. When she’s in the right mood, she can talk for hours about movies, books, and personality tests. Her spirit animal is a sea otter because she loves to go with the flow and couldn’t look intimidating if she tried. You can easily get on her good side by giving her snacks or laughing at her puns.


sarah ahrendt

Sarah is known to spend her time daydreaming about weddings when she’s not hard at work (which is rare). She’s also the only Seattleite in existence who manages to dislike Birkenstocks, flannels, and coffee without ripping a hole in the space-time continuum. This plus the fact that she doesn’t sleep makes some of us wonder if she’s secretly an android. 



keala gasmen

Keala is an island boy through and through. Having recently moved to cold and rainy Seattle from his home on the island of Maui, he still needs to adjust to the cold weather. His longing for warmth reflects the warmth of his heart. He loves Jesus, photography, and design, and his favorite pass times are going to the beach and cliff jumping. He is still trying to find alternative hobbies in Washington. Despite the cold, he enjoys his life at SPU and looks forward to what the future holds.


amanda dixon

When she’s not thinking of new ways to enlighten the world on color theory, Amanda can be spotted on her way to 6 a.m. yoga or drinking cold brew, always wearing this upcoming year’s trendiest items. When the weather gets nice, you’ll probably find her “reading” (sleeping) in a hammock near the beach. Her workspace is a makeshift arboretum, which is really just a graveyard of plants she loved too much.


kelilah king

A lover of all things art and design, Kelilah is our resident Seattle-grunge-art-scene expert. In her (non-existent) free time, she enjoys skiing and reminiscing about her worldly travels. If you spot her walking around, she’ll definitely be bobbing her head to her music or using her camera to take pictures of the world around her.